:::::Pimp'd Designz TOU:::::

Tagger Kit TOU:

You May:

* Use this kit to create Email Stationary, Extra's, Tags for yourself and friends
as long they are flattened.
* You may use this kit to create your OWN blinkie.( You may NOT share this kit to a blinkie maker 
to have them create a blinkie for you) **Credit Must be given on your blog/website.

You May NOT:

* Share this kit with friends on the net. Regaurdless if it is online or not, it is not
FTU and is there for NOT free for everyone to use. Pirating is BAD. Jack Sparrow Good, Online
Pirates BAD. :o)

* Use all or part of this kit for group challenges, tutorial supplies, etc. Please direct them to
the store to purchase their own.

* You may NOT use this kit for any activities where you will make a PROFIT. Tagger kits are not qualified 
for this. If you plan to make websets, flattened games to print and sell, blog layouts, blinkies, etc. You
MUST purchase the FULL SIZE kit.

* Grey Scale ANY portion of this kit and re-sell as a commercial use.

* Claim ANY part of this kit as your own creations.

Full Size Kit TOU:

You May:

* Use this kit to create layouts to print or post in online galleries.
* Use this kit to create websets, blogger templates, blinkies for personal
or for sale. {Credit MUST be given}

You May NOT:

* Re-Sell any portion of this kit.
* Upload and share with online friends.
*Claim ANY portion of this kit.
*Re-Size this smaller and upload to share, sell, etc.
*Create QP's, Cluster frames, etc. without permission.

Commerical Use TOU:

You May:

* Re-Size, Re-Color and sell as needed for your designing needs.
* Use in kits that will be *LIMITED TIME FREEBIES*. {Meaning they can be free
for a set amount of days, no more then 7 days.}

You May Not:

*Re-Sell as Commerical use items.
*Share them in groups or with friends.
*Use them to create freebies for your store or blog.

**No Credit Required, But welcomed*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at