Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Take a Peek........

Okay...So I realize this doesn't give you one hint as to where I went with ANY of the 4 kits...
But I want them to be a surprise.

And unlike other Twilight kits, these were created to express all of the emotions, all of the experiences the characters had through out the saga.
"The Beginning" will express the emotions of "New Love" and the bond that grew between them.
"The Pause" will be all about the friendship Jacob and Bella had during her most greatest time of need.
"The Renewal" was inspired by the relief we all felt, well, the 'Team Edwards' felt, when he was finally back for good, and also the spiral of emotions between Bella, Edward and Jacob.
"The Happily Ever after" is the final chapter to this beloved saga. Bella's love for her new family, her bond with Jacob and her memories from Isle Esme.
Like I said, this was created completely different then most Twilight inspired kits out there.
I will have freebies as well, so look for those this weekend!
And be sure to come back this Friday when the previews will be posted and the contest as well where you can win the complete saga for FREE!


JennyZ DreamZ said...

Thank you for all the freebies you make and share. Can't wait to see The Saga! I'm a Twilight Lover too.

Debbie said...

Wonderful kit. You've really captured all there was in the emotions of the last book Breaking Dawn. You really have inspired me.
Thanks so much for the freebie too.
love and angel blessings always xxx