Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a Magical Release

*To see the preview better, click on it to view it at 100%*
A place where fairies dance, bubbles float around as easy as butterfly's,
fairy dust lingers in the air and toadstools are a magical hiding place
for the whimsical creatures that abound.
This kit is full of magic and inspiration.
And there are so many options, and so many
different ways to use the products included in this kit.
And this kit is HUGE!

What you get:
35 papers 600x600 pixels
11 different frames
3 glitter wings
1 spider
1 spider web
21 different flowers & greens
3 different doodles
1 toadstool
2 different fairy dust overlays
3 different magical butterfly's
2 different bubbles
And so much more!! Not all shown!
This kit is over 26 MB!
Stay tuned tomorrow for tutorials and FREEBIES for the kit!
And don't forget to leave a comment on the thread below marked "Random Give-Away"!
You can have a chance to win this kit or any other kit of choice for FREE!
Winners will be announced on the 6th!
You can grab this kit and either store here or here

1 comment:

Tawanda/ Lori said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of my favorites of yours.