Tuesday, October 20, 2009

**1 Day Contest** Guess The Theme........

If you can guess the theme of the kit I am making using the
Above color scheme, you will win it FREE!!!
Good for today, October 20th only!

Just leave a comment with your guess and if you win, I will contact you!
So be sure to have a email or something to where I can get back to you
In case you win.

Good Luck Everyone!!! 


Gret said...

Only thing I can think of with pink is Breast Cancer, Cora. Don't know where the brown fits in. I do love those two colors together though. :) Can't wait to see the end results!

Puzzle said...


Autumn Romance?

The Princess and the Frog?

GI Jane? (For some reason I'm seeing bubblegum and army boots...)

Can't wait to see the kit. I really like the colour combinations :)