Friday, October 9, 2009

The Hunt is on...........

I have randomly placed little gift boxes all over the blog for you to click on.
Some are kits, some are coupons and 1 is a gift certificate.

They are placed through out the blog post and will require some heavy hunting!

So sit back, relax and have fun!!!

Please remember that even though I am allowing you to download
a PTU kit as a freebie, doesn't mean it's ok to share it.
Please direct them to the blog so they can have fun too!

**All gift certificate codes & download links are good for TODAY ONLY **


Puzzle said...

I'm soo glad i searched thru both your blogs. WOW! So many goodies!!!

Thank youuu Cora and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

MomParadise said...

Oh Wow Cora. Thanks for having this hunt. You are awesome!!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Cora - this was so much fun, and you've been incredibly generous!!!

Linda said...

ah man, looks like i'm missing all the fun.
you are just so generous Caro.

Amber said...

I read your blog, did not find a thing!