Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guess What ?!?!

This weekend will mark my 5 year career as a designer!!
A lot has changed in the years.
When I first started, I designed 8x8 kits and then moved to what we call
Full Size kits. 2 years ago I started making tagger kits, and I haven't looked backed!
It's been a great 5 years! I have met some AMAZING ladies who I now call friends, and have learned a lot of new techniques most thought impossible with PSP.

 This weekend look for some great FREEBIES here at my blog as well as Sophisti-Scraps and the PMTW/S blog.
There will be great sales and more all week long!
 Even Give-A-Ways and a "Buy My Store"!
So stay tuned and keep checking for sales, give-a-ways and freebies Starting this Saturday and going all week!

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