Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get What You Pay For :::::..............

While you were shopping today, you may have noticed some price changes for some of my products. And this is due to the all new pricing guide above.
Never pay more then what the kit is worth again!
I am raising a new standard for tagger kits. As a tagger myself, I hate paying $3 or higher for a kit that has barely enough items to make a single tag.
So I figured if I didn't want to pay that, my customers aren't going to want to either. So I went through my inventory and re-priced all of my kits according to the new guide above.
Yes, some of my kit prices were raised, but you can guarantee that you will be getting your money's worth. 

Over the next few days, all of my CU items will be priced according to a general plan as well. Prices will be lowered so that designers don't have to brake the bank to make a little extra income. 

So shop 'till you drop!

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