Friday, October 1, 2010

Attention Designer Friends and fellow Tutorial Writers :::....

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TUTS or "The Ultimate Tut Site" is offering tutorial writers & designers who have CT members a place to show off their work!
Tutorials writers & your CT members can join TUTS free of charge and post their tutorials using your designs or their own creations with out any scraps,
On our new CT enabling Tutorial Enabling threads.
All that is required is membership!

If your a tag scrap designer, you know all to well how few places there are to advertise our CT tutorials.
Sure, there are tutorial ad groups via emails. But how many people really see them?
I know, I for one do mass-deletes of those ad groups because I am simply in to many. And I hear that a lot.

Traditional, or full size designers have DST and other forum type websites that allow their CT's to show off layouts, etc.
And thus providing a good way to advertise for the designers they create for.

Well, this is what we at TUTS want to provide to you.

We are not about scrap kits and designers, per say, our main focus is the tutorials.
But, by your CT's posting their tutorials and tutorial enthusiasts knowing that this is the place
to find great tutorials by their favorite designers or tutorial writers, people can check them out
without digging through 1000's of emails. And without going to a ton of different websites and blogs.
Which is an almost guarantee that you will get MORE advertising for FREE.

And with your CT's a member of the group forum, they can watch the ISO thread and as well, for specific "in search of's" that could help customers find your products or their tutorials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a email here

And to find out more, stop by the forum here

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