Monday, November 22, 2010

New Release & Sneak Peek

First, a new release. "Secret Crush" has just been released at PMTW/S
And it's HUGE with over 30 MB of tagging goodness!
And I know what your thinking, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet and you've created a Valentine's Day kit. 
And well, it is TRUE this is a PERFECT kit for Valentines Day, it's all about love
and most importantly secret love and crushes.
And that goes on all year round! LOL
This is a 91 piece kit with 20 papers and 71 elements.
And not a bunch of elements re-colored several times
so that in the end all you have is about 20 elements.
NOTHING in my kits are duplicated!
Grab it here today!

And how about a sneak peek for this weekends mega release party???
 That's right! I am going to have several releases just in time for 
your black Friday, shopping in your pj's event!

This, along with several others will be released later this week!

Oh and did I mention that "FORKS" is coming to PMTW/S this weekend????
Sink your teeth in that juicy news bit!

Have a great week!!!

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