Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa's Coming Around Again!

I realize I am a few days behind, sorry! 
But I am Santa after all, and this IS my busiest season!

The following 3 ladies are the next to be added to Santa's Nice List :



And if you'd like to have YOUR friend added to the nice list, here's what you need to do:

Just email me here and include the following information :

1) Name of a FRIEND
2) Friend's EMAIL
3) Link to the kit or CU item you'd like to have Santa send them
(If you know it)
4) A reason why you think they should be on Santa's Nice List
*And not just "because he/she is a good friend*
Please put "Santa" or "Santa's Nice List" in the subject line.
This is going on now through Dec. 25th so hurry up! My inbox is getting pretty full!


Tristen's Mommy said...

thank you so much! Congrats to the other girls also

VulcanVixen82 said...

Thank you so much honey.
Congrats everyone :)