Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sad News

As some of you may be aware. I have had major issues with my PC. Which I am referring to as "The Husband Incident" part 2 if I was truthful. He managed to wipe clean my external, which had all of photos, scrap stuff and tubes, to name a few. But he also managed, less then 24 hours later, to freeze up my computer, which made Vista crash. So now I have officially lost everything. I know there are ways around it, but I haven't made it that far yet. So it will be at least week, at the earliest before I am even some-what back into the swing of things. Today's my anniversary and I have decided he should pay for everything and grovel at my feet....LOL

I will keep everyone up to date.


Bits N Bobs said...

Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear you have lost everything.
Yep I totally agree your hubby should pay for everything ROFL
Happy anniversary to you both :O)

SharonKay said...

Oh you poor thing! What a shame you lost everything. Don't envy you getting things back in working order again. Also would not want to be your husband! Hope he treats you very well for your anniversary. Have a wonderful anniversary.

kajira said...

Wow, Cora, I'm so sorry! If it were me, I'd be in major panic mode. I cannot do without my puter! Punish him good!

Oh, but the fun of getting a new one.... Are you getting a new one?

P.S. I'm scared of Vista....

djengis said...

Sorry to hear that hun, I really hope you can gather your stuf back and you will be back online with a new pc soon.
I love your kits.

Mz Jen's Tutorials said...

oh wow hun
I am so so sorry
I am even more thankful now
that my man walks heaven and earth
for me to make sure I have everything I need to create with psp.
I think I would be so angry
again I am sorry,
you're work is so beautiful and should be admired and is a huge part of who you are.

Good Luck with it all