Thursday, October 8, 2009

We are going to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!

This weekend is my birthday...WOOHOO...29.....again {wink}
So to help celebrate, this weekend is my $1.00 sale at Sophisti-Scraps!
And.....and exclusive mini kit released this Saturday only at PMTWS!

But to kick off the weekend early....and to get everyone in the party spirit,
I will be having a special Hide & Seek game around the blog.

How does it work??

Well, throughout the blog will be special little "gifts".
Click the special gift to see if you get a prize.
Some are good, and some are empty!

Prizes will vary from coupons, gift certificates & download links to direct kits!

So get ready!!! Friday is going to be GREAT!


Lori Decoite said...
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Lori Decoite said...

Lori Decoite said...
happy almost birthday mine is the 19th :)- and how funny i am celebrating my 29th (again) as well!!! Thanks for fun and goodies this weekend!
ps sorry about the deleted comment- I had a few spelling mistakes & did not check b4 i posted- i hate when i do that

§apphyre said...

Just sending some early birthday wishes for you :) Happy "29th"'t it FUN being 29?

Hope your day is a fabulous one!

Big hugz!

AngelDawn said...

Happy early birthday Hon!! Hope you have a great one!! Thanks for all the goodies!!

Gothic Inspirations said...

Ha..ha...ha...29! Sighs, if only I could be 29 again. Anyways hun, Happy Birthday!! Whoohoo...and what a great way to celebrate by gifting I missed it, but Today could very well be your Birthday so I couldn't not say it. Hope you have a good one cookie you deserve it! Xoxo Jessica